ABOUT ME🌻 I’m not the ordinary girl you meet in streets.

Born in April 28, 1999.

I live in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, graduated Elementary and Junior High in Saint Anthony Academy of Quezon City and now studying HUMANITIES And Social Sciences, grade 11 a SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL student/ Adamsonian, Vincentian, Falcon in one of the autonomous University in the Ph which is Adamson University of Manila, Philippines. I am the panganay in our family, I have one brother whose age is not so far from me whose name is Julio Covarrubias. I have my very responsible mother Maria Katherine Covarrubias, she’s a house wife while my dad Edgardo Covarrubias is working abroad. Like one of my my goal in life is to also go in London, U.K. to work there and be successful in life.

Now I can say that Im already a responsible child, and student because I can balance my time in work like in school, and my other agendas in life. In fact, I am a cheerleader/ dancer of a cheerleading squad. Former cheerleader at my old school, but now in a different company. I love to play Volleyball and I love shooting in Basketball, I love social media like surfing in the Internet or posting some of my picture and also updating my blog. I do freelance modeling in different agencies but sometimes Im to lazy to go, because im focusing more on those important things or most important agendas in life. I like modeling because i really like fashion, maybe clothes and accessories. I love writing also, and also loves to do blogs. Talking about my personality, people I like and I doesn’t… Im the quiet type because im observing than talking shits about non sense things but usually, Im the joker in the barkada. Aside from modeling and posing for a photo I do making my own videos I like it when people keeps on reacting about what I’ve posted. I do any videos I want it depends on my mood, but usually even just posing in front of the camera is what i want. Obviouslly, Im so vain. Talking about my own personality, I love helping other people, in fact my weakness is when I see beggars, or poor children in streets.  

In love, I admit that.. I am very hard to get, and facing other/ new people is sometimes my weakness because Its so hard for me to adapt because I cant trust a person easily. In fact, thats one of the reason why many people I meet had negative first/ impressions about me like I waqs so mataray daw, or I look like maldita like i’ll eat a person im talking to, maarte also because im conyo daw and I walks like a lady bitch haha. But its just natural for my aura, because eventhough I looks like a “badass” its the opposite thing, Im so nice people but ofcourse it depends on how they treat me or how they act in front of me. Im not the judgemental type of kiddo, In fact I dont base someones characteristics based on how he or she looks or does. Because I knew that frist impressions are not usually real, depending on others judgement ’bout me.Sometimes, Im very authorative but usually i just go with the flow depending on my company. I have a solid squad/ keeps before in my old school, where I graduated Junior High and until now we are solid troops. Eventhough, we’re a little bit far na from each others and have different agendas in our lives already. We still communicate and hang out.

What kind of friend I am? I am the type of friend you’ll keep, Honestly, I dont engage my self in chikas, or what others called “chismis” I prioritize my own business. Im a very trustworthy friend. In fact, eventhough your a very new friend of I met you once your secret is secured with me. That’s one of my personality that I am very proud of. I keep my friends secrets, usually im the one who gets disappointed about they’re response when it came to the point that I trusted them also but I knew that its a mistake.
I am so sweet and clingy to everyone. Most probably with my keeps or friends that I really treasure the most. And if I am not feeling comfortable with a place or not comfortable with a person, I usually avoid that thing, because I hate shits. If I like you, I would let you feel, but if I doesn’t I dont care, or just do my own thing far from yours. I’m not maldita or the bitch kinda one but yes usally im masungit but not everytime still it depends on the situation.

I don’t use drugs, I never tried smoking, I never been into a bar and I don’t drink beer. Even though most of my friends are addicted to those kind of habits. I’m not the kind of child that is “banal” but I pray, I usually pray, I’m not always attending a mass in a church but I go to church Of course. At home I usually talk to God, not only when I have problems, in fact even just to thank him even it’s paulit-ulit..

My favorite colors are white, blue, black, and red also.

The Power of Adobe

For our subject Empowerment & Tech..
With the help of Adobe, the background, and the effects of images are enhanced and emphasized … etc..


Someday, I want to work abroad, like my father. I want to travel and go to London, U.K. to work there for my family and to be with my dad because he’s always there working. I want to experience life of a Filipina to be in London U.K. I know that it wouldn’t be easy at first. But I am very willing for the opportunity. My dad told me that he wants me to go there and get a good job there. All I want is just to be with him, Since for a very long time we are a part from each other because of his loyalty to work. Last February, this year he visited us. But unfortunetly, he’s stay was not so long, and it’s totally a short time. I miss my dad and I like to help my mom, and be rich someday. I think all of us wanted to be rich. And that is my first step to my goal. I will work hard and always make God as the center of my life, as the center of my passion all the time.



Aside from London, England… I want to visit Japan as well and I really wanted to have experience in riding there train there because I knew that Japanese train or bus is kinda extraordinary and amazing. The thrill and experience, the fun I want to experience all of that. Because I believe that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. What I want in life, is to travel and travel, more likely when my life is already settled and I don’t have many things to do or so much to remember. Like we have our own house, with my mother, father, and with my brother (bunso). And I’ve already finished my studies, successfully. One thing, Why also want to be a flight stewardess is to travel the WORLD haha. Kidding aside, I really want to ride an airplane and sales talking with foreigners out there. With that I can learn many languages I can learn how to socialize with others and so many people. Since, I want to make friends every time. Not only in Japan and London I want to go but to every where I’ll take the opportunity. 
The original photo is taken when my crazy friend and her friend also are originally near a wall but then they’re just acting like they’re in a spotlight because of their dress before attending a party. Nakilala ko siya kay Shein na isang childhood friend ko when I was still in my old house in Angel Compound. Mabit siya, nice and sweet although hindi ko masyadong close kasi sila naman talaga ni Shein yung frriends, and they really know theirselves for a long time. She was a college student at Far Eastern University, while Shein is in New Era University. They are both kind and sweet, very generous, and trustworthy.

The original photo there are no the vamps my idol features and no burning of resto but then it’s kinda cool if I’ll put some twist with the house of vamps feature and as you can see I duplicated Mark.There is no lady in the original photo of the sun flowers but when I saw the picture in my pic that the lady has her plain back ground just only with the sky I put her with the flowers for. A twist 🤗🌻🌈


This Faye Confidential is just for fun

 inspired by my favorite colors RED AND BLACK

 I EDITED THE LIGHT AND THIS IS THE RESULT Too much brightness that’s the secret behind the eyes so I look like that I wear  contact lenses.

I duplicated Dery and Sammy so that it would be cool and sweeter hahaha
  I duplicated Dery and Sammy so that it would be cool and sweeter hahaha

I edited the face of Georgiana and put texts so that the quote I’ve get would help the image emphasize the readers mind and the quotation.

In the original photo there are 4 roses but I just cut the other half / one. Using the eraser etc.


I made the picture very blurred unlike what it is before.


Valentine’s Day Confession

Mjl 💋

Listen, I love you. I know sometimes I’m a little bit of a disappointment. I rarely know what I want or think before I act.

Still, I want you to know that in a lifetime of rushed decisions, wrong turns & spectacular messes, you were the 1st thing that felt right.

Happy Valentine’s Day .. ☺️😘

And I will always love you even it’s not Valentines 🤗❣️

-Faye Cov.
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Mr. and Mrs. Positivity #poetry

Mr. and Mrs. Positivity woke up with joy. Every day is a new day. 

They don’t dwell in the past and learn from their mistakes. 

Every day is evolution. 

They are open, honest, and no walls are present. 

Every day they take a moment to reflect. 

They embrace their quirks and imperfections. 

Every day they say I love you. 

They don’t yell or scream. 

Every day they listen to each other. 

They don’t just hear the words. 

Every day they look forward and don’t look back. 

They know themselves inside and out. 

Every day they give each other respect. 

They are close when they are apart. 

Mr. and Mrs. Positivity understand what love is. 

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Psycho Expert ✔️💯

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First published: 18 May 2010

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Marilyn was a very smart psycho Expert and many children now a days in the states admire her, not only because of her bravery but also because she has a very pretty child named Laura that is soon to be a miss universe and she also has the good personality. 

I like her blog updates that’s why I followed her on my twitter account.